Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Why Tomatoes?

Welcome to my impromptu new blog. After leaving FishbowlNY last week, I found I still had opinions, and decided to continue to express them here (just in time for this URL to be published in Fashion Week Daily!). I actually set this blog up a while ago when I was experimenting with DYI-blogging. I vacillated between the deliciousness of tomatoes, pickles and yams. Although I would like this blog to be crisp and salty, like a tasty pickle (and really, who doesn't love yams?), I settled on tomatoes because I truthfully think they are the best food on earth, sweet and delicious and refreshing and wholesome and versatile and bursting with all manner of goodness. I also dig how they coyly straddle that blurry line between fruit and vegetable. Mysterious and complicated, they refuse to be defined. "Do not put us in a box, little man," they say. "Our sweetness can be neither quantified nor contained. We are tomatoes, and we are all things to all people." Yeah. You try going with yams after THAT.

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