Monday, May 08, 2006

Liza With A Zed, Part II

Last Monday night I had the opportunity to see the incredibly delightful and fantastically clever and totally winsome new Broadway Musical (and not-as-new-Canadian musical) "The Drowsy Chaperone". I loved it as much as I hate Ben Brantley (yes yes, Ben Brantley, we're very impressed that you have the bestest knowledge of 1920's musicals, you must be MUCH smarter than all the sophisticated theatergoers in the audience on opening night who laughed uproariously the whole way through, because, you know, they had "no choice but to applaud." Whatever. The show was smart and fresh and unexpected and transporting. I have no choice but to call you an idiot).

In any case, I had one hell of a sighting: LIZA! Not only working her charm and magic down the red carpet (very amusing to see a no-name starlet hanging back after her, knowing that not a single camera would care if she walked right past), but laughing and blowing kisses and posing with the writers. Even cooler, I actually MET her in the one bastion of privacy in any public place: the ladies' room (we were the only two people at the mirror, it would have been rude NOT to say something). She looked great and was chatty and friendly. In any case, she said she was a huge fan of the show and was a big supporter, also showing up at the after party and being very nice to people who didn't have the temerity to accost her in the bathroom. Upshot: Liza loves Canadians. Ergo, zed.

Here's more vid of Liza hugging Aubrey Reuben, whom theater fans will know from his own star turn in the New Yorker.

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