Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm gonna wash that national newspaper right outta my hair

Seriously. Why am I still reading idiotic statements like this in the New York Times?

"And isn't it a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman would sooner give up her colorist than her doorman?"

Sadly, this is not an idiotic quote by an idiotic source, it is a failed attempt to be witty by the author of an article on the value and appeal of New York City doormen (Harvey Mansfield has some ideas about doormen. He loves his colorist, too!).

What's with the NYT's hair-color fixation these days? Both of these articles speak to a New York experience that is definitely not universal; not everyone chooses to eschew doormen buildings because they don't feel like saying hi when they walk in, and - shocker - not every single woman has a colorist, needs a colorist, can pay for a colorist, or has the time to sit for three hours while being tended to by a colorist. So please, NYT, stop making these assumptions and parading them as universal experience. Your roots are showing.

p.s. So are mine, above; that pic was taken in mid-Feb/05 after having blonded (double process! Woo-hoo) in late Nov/04. I finally got around to dyeing it back to brown in late May/05. Classy!

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