Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Left and Right agree: plagiarism is bad

Here's a link to my latest post on HuffPo today, wherein I celebrate the union of the Left and Right in denouncing plagiarism. Tomato-watchers may notice that it went up briefly here and then I took it down - I drafted it in Blogger because the type is easier to read in draft than on the HuffPo system, where it is very small. I know there is a way to fix it but I haven't yet figured it out.

I also call Jack Shafer on his assertion that critics of WaPo online editor Jim Brady were specifically criticizing him for not pre-screening Ben Domenech for plagiarism (it seemed to me that critics wondered what of Domenech's earlier work qualified him to fairly counteract Dan Froomkin, and they also criticized the assumption that Froomkin needed to be counteracted). I noted that Shafer's two links did not, in fact, provide evidence that the blogosphere was dinging Brady for the non-plagiarism check. In the comments section to the post, someone says that no, plenty of people were, in fact, doing said dinging for the said non-pre-check. I say, sure, but that's for Shafer to prove. In the blogosphere, if you're going to assert it, you gots to link to it. If that paragraph made any sense to you at all, I will be very surprised.

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