Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Every little bit counts

I've taken my crusade against slimy Senator Bill Napoli to the Huffington Post, where I reiterated my surprise at how the fetishized violence of his, er, "justification for abortion" has caused nary a ripple at the major news outlets. I was also happy to provide readers with a link to Sen. Napoli's contact information via the helpful South Dakota Legislature webiste — and happier to learn that by 4pm today his contact information had been removed from the site. Chekkit here: Napoli no more. Which is pretty freakin' awesome, because it means that the message has gotten through (check out a few of the emails dropped by HuffPo readers in the comments to my post. Awesome). Thanks to those who read and emailed, and thanks to those who won't let this thing go just because the news cycle has left it behind. Power to the people, baby. Love it.

p.s. Our Zeitgeist-Tracking Google Search for "sodomized as bad as you can possibly make it" is now at 16,800. Ha - make that 16,801.

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