Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shout-out to Wapella, Saskatchewan!

It's been two weeks since I added Sitemeter to the blog, and I have spent way too much time checking back to see if any new readers have visited the site. I know. Nerdy. But fun! I'm excited to say that Tomatoes has clocked over 3,000 visitors, which might not be much for one of them fancy blogs but is certainly exciting for me.

Probably the coolest feature Sitemeter offers is the chance to check out where your traffic is coming from. I've been floored to see how far-flung my visitors have been and I just wanted to say domo arigato to the reader in Japan, tack så mycket to my amigos in Sverige, kiitos to their neighbors in Finland (no hard feelings for the hockey, my Nordic friends), and "g'day, mate" to the nice Aussies in Heidelberg, Victoria, AU. No doubt this varied and variegated visitation is due to the generous linkage by the slap-happy lads at Wonkette (thanks for taking up the cause, gents!) but either way it's been cool to see visitors from Selma, Alabama to Sofia, Bulgaria to Puglia, Italy to Hudson Heights, Quebec (Vive le Candada! Vive le Quebec!), plus my new BFFs in Souths Africa and Korea, the Philippines, Poland, and Civrieux-d'Azergues, Rhone-Alpes, France, which sounds delicious. Supa-special shout outs to "Are You From" Willowdale and "It's Worth The Drive To" Acton, both in my lovely home province of Ontario, Canada. Finally, a little love to Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. I'm sure it's worth the drive there, too.

The point is, it's been SO cool seeing you pop in for a visit. This newfangled internet thingie really is something. Please come visit again soon, and feel free to holla back if you're jealous of the fella from Wapella.

p.s. Here's where I got that pie graph. Mmm, pie.