Sunday, March 12, 2006

Blog Synchronicity

Back when I was at FishbowlNY, I desperately tried to popularize a phrase I coined called "blog synchronicity": The phenomenon that occurs when two or more references to the same thing come up on a blog independently of each other, like references to devout Christian major-league baseball players or Franz Ferdinand or fish soup. Delicious, if you like fish soup.

Well, in any case, I thought I'd give blog synchronicity another shout-out because it's been popping up right here on Tomatoes over the past few days. Very randomly, I mentioned Jessica Alba (as Playboy cover girl and fave of a starry-eyed Tom Shales); Dolly Parton (as awesome Oscar performer and as the subject of a White Stripes cover version I'm seeking); and also hardened, blind creatures who exist in a prehistoric world of darkness and the leaders of South Dakota.

The funniest irony of this post: I started it on Friday and left it in draft form over the weekend, just getting back to it now. When I went to FishbowlNY to search out "blog synchronicity," a forgotten post popped up which featured not only my go-to definition of the term but also one Jonathan Coulton. Cosmic!

Real-time semi-freaky example of blog synchronicity: this is actually kind of cool. As I type this I am listening to a mixed CD I made back in November, culled from some very random sources, inlcuding MP3s from an ex who tried to learn me some hip-hop. Right now, Wyclef Jean's version of "Wish You Were Here" is playing, which is truly hilarious given the title of the aforementioned go-to definition. Critics, don't mistake this for just any cover tune!

Well, anyway — blog synchronicity. With your help, we can make it a cool blog term! Or, at least, a blog term.

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