Sunday, March 12, 2006

You can't make someone love you with a song

...unless you're Jonathan Coulton, with whom I fell violently in love back in the fall based on his hilarious, melodic cover of Baby Got Back. My idle weekend bloggery has led me to Coulton's latest Zeitgeist-tapping creative marvel, his Flickr-inspired song-and-slideshow which has made some guy named Dwyer famous in certain circles. I actually laughed out loud repeatedly and clapped my hands in delight. Highly recommended. Watch, listen, and procrastinate. Hat tip to Screenhead via Wonkette via Lindsayism, with props to Her Space Holiday for the song ref above. Dear sleeping giant panda, pleasant dreams.

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend [Her Space Holiday]

Wow, it's older than I thought. See Coulton's original post about it on Dec. 22/05.

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