Friday, March 03, 2006

Give Nick Sylvester a break

Ever do something collossally boneheaded, mind-numbingly stupid and heart-stoppingly egregious? Odds are, yes. Okay, now, think of that moment. Now imagine it being plastered across computer screens all over the city, being emailed to all your friends, colleagues, anyone you've ever hoped to impress, everyone you've ever hoped to get a chance from. Nick Sylvester did something very, very stupid, and weak, and wrong. But he's 25. And this fuck-up has cost him his career and his good name. So cut the kid a break, okay? Because there but for the grace of God and a misplaced "Reply All" goeth us all.

I read that story; he's a talented writer. And it was a good story, to the extent that it was right (The Game has worked — often — for a friend of mine). He may be an entitled Harvard twit; or, he may just have been a kid who cracked under the pressure; or, he may have simply thought the made-up bits were fine, added to the story and wouldn't make much difference. Obviously he knew better — we all do— and has to face the consequences, but still. It's time to leave him alone, and hope that he has it in him to suck it up and come the hell back. On the upside, this will probably make him way easier to work with in the future. Also on the upside, at least he didn't cross Oprah.

p.s. Suicide jokes: never funny.

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