Friday, March 03, 2006

Tomato Plug: Love for Party Central USA

I'm kvelling: My good friends in the sketch group Party Central USA have two videos up at The Apiary, "kind of like the US Weekly of NYC comedy" according to Apiarist Nate, er, the Apiarist (Nate! What's your last name?). I have had lust in my heart for PCUSA for many moons now, and their latest show at the PIT is so hilarious that I've seen it twice and am going again this weekend (if that makes me sound like a loser, well, afterward I'm going to a party filled with male models, so suck it). Anyhow, I would urge you both to watch the videos and go see the show, because it is extremely smart, funny and high-concept stuff, and also, there is nipple.

See you Saturday night; introduce yourself and we'll be BFFs and then go stalk hapless male models. In the meantime, enjoy the Herman's Hermits! As if you had a choice.

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