Thursday, March 23, 2006

What's nu?

It's official: I'm writing a book. As reported in Publisher's Marketplace and Arianna's lovely welcome post at HuffPo, I'll be working on JEW-ISH, the essential guide to shiksas, latkes, and why there are so many ways to spell Chanukah. Oh, you already knew all that, big shot? Yes yes, you're very smart. Now go call your mother.*

Actually, in addition to being a primer on all things Jewy it will hopefully be an exploration of why being Jewish matters nowadays and what qualities define being Jewish to the world and to ourselves, like identifying strongly with Israel or Larry David or ordering very specifically in a restaurant. What? We like things how we like them.

In addition to basic info ("The Bible in 500 words or less!")(NB: One of those will probably be "smote") I'll be talking to plenty of people about what makes them Jew-ish. So far I have discovered that many Jews have opinions. Yes, I am breaking new ground with this one. Other fun topics will include Why Our Parents Still Wish We Were Doctors, The Purpose of Shabbes Goys (and what to do with them for the rest of the week, wakka wakka) and The Jewfro: Oy, There Goes My Blowout. Also addressed: "There are Jews in Canada?"

I am extremely excited about this project and extremely grateful to HarperCollins, baruch hashem, and to my Jew-licious agent Kate Lee. I am also grateful that I get to write off my trip home for Pesach this year. Woo hoo, Toronto, I'm afi-komen home! Eek. That one maybe crossed the line.

*Yes, I know the "call your mother" joke was used in the announcement and Gawker etc. So sue me (not that I'd advise it, seeing as I once brought my parents much nachas by becoming a lawyer).

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