Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Inching eternally off into the infinite Euclidean freespace of the grid"

The first blog I ever read was Clive Thompson's Collision Detection, an awesome science/tech/cool-stuff blog where he waxes smart n' funny on matters relating to giant squids, spam-bots, UFOs, and regularly writes things like "the first hydrostatically bipedal octopus ever discovered is now inspiring the design of cephalopodic robotics." Also, Clive Thompson is Canadian.

I post on this topic not only because the post referenced in the title evidences an astronimical geek-quotient, off the charts even for Clive, but also because I love strict poetic forms too, as evidenced by this and this. And, let's face it, Spock sells.

Best Blog To Make You Seem Smarter At Cocktail Parties [Village Voice]

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