Sunday, April 09, 2006

Who blogs on Macs?

Seriously, help me out here. Is it me, or is blogging on Macs a ginormous pain in the ass? I'm doing it right now so don't expect any links, because the command icons don't show up here (and while I do love you, far-flung readers mine, I am so not hand-coding at 3:02 am). That happened the last time I tried to blog on a Mac, with Movable Type (that was a G4; this is a MacPro. So I'm surmising this is a system-wide problem). Also: links. How do you capture them? There's no such thing as right-clicking on a Mac! So if you want to link (as I do, 'cause that's the kind of girl I am), you have to open a new window (but not open IN a new window, 'cause that requires right-clicking!), then copy the URL, paste it into Blogger, and then hand-type in the link code around it. So much for blogging as a nimble, responsive medium. I'm sure Macs are lovely for things like photoshop and iMovie and whatnot, and I love the cute little shiny white ones, but come on! This makes no sense.

So I'll ask again: who blogs on Macs? Because if there are secret little tricks I don't know, I'd love to learn them. And if not, I'd like to let Mac-bloggers know that there is an easier way.

p.s. The timestamp shows up three hours early, btw. I'd change it but guess what? The button doesn't show up on Macs! Grrr.

UPDATE: I learned some VERY helpful new things: (1) Holding the "CTRL" key down and clicking is the Mac equivalent of right-clicking, which made doing this much easier; and (2) Apparently if you download Mozilla Firefox the icon keys become visible (this I did not try - I hand-coded all my links. Becaus I care, dammit).

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