Monday, October 24, 2005

It feels like a news round-up post is long overdue

...but doesn't it always?

  • "Lunch At Estatorio Milos" doesn't quite have the same ring. Table 5 regular Michael Wolff tried to get a table at Michael's last Wednesday only to be told it was full. What's up with that? Wednesdays must be popular. [NYP]

  • Correctimundo! Over at Regret The Error they're cranky that Salon's redesign bumped the "Corrections" link from the homepage. Now you have to go searching for it in the small-print "Contact & Help" section. Says RTE: "Bottom line: When a publication removes a link to its corrections during a redesign, it suggests that corrections aren't seen as an important piece of content." We'd venture to say that's correct and, we bet, so would the Fonz.[RTE]

  • "Can this nomination be justified?" I don't know, but it can be blogged, and how - George Will's Washington Post article on the Harriet Miers SCOTUS nom is Technorati's most popular article -- for now. Oh, Technorati, you fickle, fickle vixen. [WaPo]

  • This just in: sleep is good for you. Apparently getting less sleep not only makes you more tired, but it is also more likely to make you sick and fat. Honestly, you're not that important -- the world will still be there when you wake up. Step AWAY from the computer. Now then, what's on TV? [WaPo]

  • "What else rhymes with 'Godless unpatriotic slayers of unborn children?'" Slate brings us the ultra-abysmal poetry of Roy Moore, former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice-turned gubernatorial candidate (he's the guy who refused to remove the Ten Commandments monument from inside his courthouse, making him a hero of the Christian Right). Timothy Noah shares Moore's poetry with us. We'd say don't quit your day job, except if his day job ends up being Governor of Alabama. [Slate]

  • Headline: "DeLay wants charges dismissed." Related: "Frist wants people to focus on DeLay."[]

  • Thirteen problems but a heightened terror alert ain't one: On "Countdown" late last week Keith Olbermann noticed an interesting coincidence: on thirteen occasions when headlines reflected negatively on the White House, "there has been some sudden credible terror threat somewhere in this country." You know what? I'd rather 'coincidental' than 'real'. [TVNewser]

  • A couch to hang a dream on... Remember how we mentioned that the Daily Show set was being auctioned off on eBay? The group that bought it plans to tour it 'round the country so fans may come forth and worship. God, I'm glad I'm not an obsessive geek like that. [Wired]

  • "Red Cross, why is your charity so gay?" Speaking of Jon Stewart, according to Liz Smith he's been tapped to emcee the 100th anniversary of the NYC American Red Cross on October 205h, honoring Bill Clinton. We think Clinton is unlikely to declare "fit" to be "the new rich", so he's probably safe. [NYP]