Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tomato Season

If it's not already obvious, Tomatoes Are Delicious is on a bit of a hiatus owing to the fact that I've been spending all my time on "Eat The Press" at HuffPo. It's HuffPo's daily media blog with media commentary and news, spin, stats and our famous and exciting People Ranker ™ — I'm really proud of it but getting it up and running has taken all my time over the past six weeks or so. I've probably driven you all away already (et tu, Wapella, Saskatchewan?) but hopefully you've got this on RSS and won't forget about me while I exhaust the blogging beast over at HuffPo. That sounds far sexier than it actually is. In any case, please check out Eat The Press and of course feel free to send me any tips/suggestions, especially for the People Ranker which is a deliciously addictive little toy. All right, back to work for me - if it's Sunday, it's Russert Watch. Oh Tim, I'd take your oversized noggin over strolling lazily in the sunshine any day. Hope you are all having a fantastic summer - Tomatoes will be back in season soon, I promise!